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Job Description

Graduates of engineering and management studies, with knowledge of SQL – the following job opening is worth a few minutes of your time:
You know how sometimes, when you watch soccer with your friends, and you order pizza – the next week, you get an email from the pizza place prompting you about specials for the next game?

Well, that’s exactly what our team of Campaign Managers does.
This is done by implementation of targeted marketing campaigns whose purpose is to support directly in all retention efforts, improve the revenues from the customer, increase customer loyalty and his lifetime with us and avoid abandonment of endangered clients

As a Campaign Manager at 888 you will:
  • Build the marketing campaign in the BI system, IBM’s Unica Campaign Manager
  • Retrieve complex information and analyze campaign's performance
  • Create a working interface with the partner with an emphasis on campaign's capabilities and performance
  • Create a working interface with the Company’s internal clients with an emphasis on CRM, task priorities, understanding the needs and complexities, suggestions as to the campaigns effectiveness
  • Create an ongoing working interface with all the departments that support the Company’s marketing campaigns including: Creative, Web, Copywriters, etc.

Job Requirements

  • Degree in Industrial Management/Information Systems- a serious advantage
  • Experience in systems for data analysis and retrieval, DWH Reporting- an advantage
  • Experience in SQL coding - a must
  • Familiarity with the world and language of Information Systems, Data Bases, BI- an advantage
  • Excel - a must
  • English at a very high level- a must

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