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Job Description

Infra DBA is need for the Infra DBA team.
Work in an infrastructure DBA team providing DB platform services to the company  (MSSQL, MongoDB, MySQL).
The job include support and maintenance of all the company’s database in all environments (DEV, QA, PROD).
Responsibility of the company production sites and 24/7 hours support, willing to take part and standby shifts.  
Help and support the development (ADBA(, and products implementation.

Job Requirements

  • Background and experience (4-5 year) as DBA of with large databases  - SQL2008/2012.
  • TSQL programming experience – SQL queries, triggers and stored procedures.
  • Experience in maintaining large databases based SQL2008/2012 (backup and recovery, proactive monitoring, indexes maintenance, statistics).
  • Experience with PRODUCTION systems –24/7 availability in order to maintain 99.95% uptime.
  • Experience in analyzing system requirements, design and implementation the relevant database systems, using new technologies.
  • Experience in improving system performance (SQL INSTANCE level, TSQL level).
  • Experience in windows 2012 and windows cluster 2012, familiarity with monitoring tools for the OS level.
  • English knowledge – high and technical level, writing and speaking.
  • Experience with Linux (shell commands)- Advantage.
  • Experience setting up or marinating Hadoop cluster- Advantage.
  • Experience in establishing SQL Replications- Advantage.
  • Powershell./ Perl programing- Advantage.
  • Experience with SAN systems- Advantage.
  • Experience in managing and maintaining MySQL- Advantage.

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