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Job Description

The project manager has end-to-end responsibility for cross software projects designed to implement system solutions, on a planning level as well as on an implementation level.
The role includes managing all phases of the project lifecycle - the planning phase, formulating an integrated work plan, advancing the stages of analysis, development and testing. The role also requires integration with all of the relevant interfaces and factors involved – product managers, other project managers, internal customers, system analysts, the R&D and Testing teams, IT and at times external business partners. The project management requires matrix management - within the department and in face of other departments. The project manager manages several projects in parallel, while handling and managing constraints and frequent changes per Company prioritization in a dynamic work environment.
The project manager is a proactive function, who must deal with different types of problem and conflict solving. A substantial part of the role includes coordinating and channeling various project resources to the relevant tracks of the project, based on the updated project status. The project manager must have technological understanding, as well as a business orientation and good knowledge of organizational work processes and the modus operandi of the R&D and Testing Department.  

Job Requirements

  • At least 5 years of proven experience in managing and driving technological projects /intricate software projects in a global environment – the ability to work with numerous factors, skilled at matrix management and knowing how to activate and drive the organization.
  • English at a high level, including verbal expression abilities and drafting documents in English.
  • Highly independent, yet at the same time a team player.
  • A broad and comprehensive systematic vision, risk management abilities and an understanding of long term implications.
  • Highly proficient at managing several projects and tasks in parallel.
  • The ability to maneuver between different factors within the organization; able to work under pressure.
  • Proactive.
  • Creative, out of the box and original thinking in problem solving.
  • Accountability and end- to- end execution of tasks.
  • High analytical skills.
  • Organized, methodical and thorough.
  • A representable individual who is able to present to the Senior Management of the Company.
  • Technological background.
  • Experienced with Agile methodology - an advantage.
  • Experienced in working with MS Project - an advantage.
  • Familiar with the world of internet in general and specifically with online gaming – an advantage.

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