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Regulated Markets Webmaster 4340 

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Job Description

Responsible for building, maintaining and managing all operations behind B2C Websites, through CMS and other systems.

Job Requirements

  • Advanced knowledge and Experience in Responsive build.
  • Advanced knowledge and Experience with JS, JQuery, Foundation, HTML, CSS, CSS3, SASS, Json, Ajax, XML.
  • Familiar with CMS and template development.      
  • Understanding of how browser works.
  • Understand browser compatibility issues and develop cross-browser compatible code, interfaces and problem solving (Mobile and PC).
  • Experience with one or more front end frameworks.
  • Passionate about new web technologies.
  • Research and implement technical solutions using industry best practices.
  • Understand international web standards and protocols.
  • Please attach a portfolio with at least 2 relevant projects that includes:
    o  Responsive building
    o  JS functionality
    o  HTML 5 features
    o  CSS 3 animations


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