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Job Description

The System Analyst is part of the R&D Team that is responsible for projects and for the characterizing of projects and modules in Company systems. The role is based on planning abilities, logic and comprehensive, in depth understanding. The System Analyst must be involved in the R&D project at the very initial stages, after receiving the BRD requirements document from the product manager and after defining the system architecture of the project. The System Analyst is responsible for seeing the overall, global picture. He must interpret the requirements document to an R&D suited language (logical design). This document characterizes the technical requirements and outlines the R&D development stages step by step and in the most detailed manner. In order to produce a quality logical design document, the System Analyst must be very knowledgeable of the different systems, the dependencies that exist between them and to have flawless understanding of the R&D process, and of the implications and impact of each and every stage on subsequent stages in order to attain an effective R&D/ development process. The System Analyst must work systematically and in a matrix manner with the various interfaces involved to maximize the requirements and to create effective and creative solutions. 

Job Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Information Systems / Industrial Management  / O&M (Organization and Methods) / Logic / Mathematics or a System Analysis course that is recognized by the Israeli Institute of System Analysts or “Mamram” (The Center of Computing and Information Systems) – mandatory.
  • Proficient at system analysis methodologies (such as the “Mafteach” procedure – Development and Maintenance Methodology, UML, etc.) – mandatory.
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in system analyses of large scale, software projects – mandatory.
  • Experience in infrastructure projects (not only interfaces and GUI) – mandatory.
  • Familiar with Microsoft programming languages (.Net, MS SQL Server) and technologies – mandatory.
  • Experience as a programmer and/ or an R&D Team Leader – an advantage.
  • English at a very high level.                                        
*The job description is phrased in the masculine gender for convenience purposes only, however it equally applies to both men and women

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